hyperlink hy‧per‧link [ˈhaɪpəlɪŋk ǁ -pər-] noun [countable]
COMPUTING a word or picture in a website or computer document that will take you to another page or document if you click on it. Words with a hyperlink have a line under them:

• We should encourage hyperlinks to each other's web pages.

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hyperlink UK US /ˈhaɪpəlɪŋk/ noun [C] (also link)
IT, INTERNET a word, phrase, or image on a website or in a computer document which you click on in order to go to a different website, different part of the document, etc.: »

Brokerage websites will often provide a hyperlink to the broker's internet trading area.

See also HOTLINK(Cf. ↑hotlink)
hyperlink UK US /ˈhaɪpəlɪŋk/ verb [I or T] (also link) IT, INTERNET
to connect to another page, image, document, etc. on a website or computer document by creating a hyperlink: »

To hyperlink directly to a page in a PDF you must add an open parameter to the end of the URL.

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